Fred Celio

Fred's Story

Fred began his career, as a member of the technical staff, working for a defense contracting firm contracted to The United States Air Force Systems Command. Responsibilities included Testing and Validation of Satellite Command and Control software. Fred’s growth continued to management in development of several point to point and one to many communications systems designing and developing these, as well as witting training documentation, and presenting classes to end users, including Air Force personnel to the rank of full colonel. Fred received two letters of commendation for his work from the commanders, ranking generals in the United States Air Force, of Onizuka Air Force Base in Sunnyvale California.

Under this matrix management system, Fred participated in the analysis and selection of base hardware, while designing, developing, and documenting software using a variety of platforms, languages, and operating systems.

Transitioning to commercial industries Fred brought this same task oriented and achievement driven attitude, as well as an agile learning curve.

Fred has performed testing, analysis, development and design on mainframe, windows, .net, Visual Studio, MS Sequel Server, MS ACCESS, Oracle, Linux and Unix platforms.

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New Beginnings

Closing One Door and Opening Another

Home - New Beginnings Men's Clean and Sober Living

New Beginnings

"Closing one door ... 

             and opening another"

New Beginnings is a clean and sober, structured residential facility for those who suffer from alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Our goal is to show clients a different way of life and assist them in transitioning into society -- A New Beginning.

Grounded in the principles of the 12 steps, residents are required to attend AA/NA meetings, as well as, get a sponsor; and a commitment.

We also require residents to be employed or enrolled in school, submit to random testing, and participate in house activities.

New Beginnings house  is a member of the Sober Living Coalition and a proud member of the Parole and Community Services Division. We are familiar with the stipulations and responsibilities of parole and court ordered individuals.

Our policy is to adhere to any and all requirements of the Court.

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