Who Is Like God?


In name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

St.Michael the Archangel, illustrious leader of the heavenly army, defend us in the battle against principalities and powers,

against the rulers of the world of darkness and the spirit of wickedness in high places.

Luke 10:18

18 And he said to them: I saw Satan like lightning falling from heaven.

Who then threw Satan from heaven.  That distinction falls to St. Michael, in fact Michael’s very name is the battle cry he used in leading the angels to throw Lucifer and his followers of demons from heaven. Lucifer or literally light bearer, rebelled against God.  The original narcissist, Lucifer fell in love with his own image, and thought he was greater than God. Even angels have free well and thus the choice to love and follow God or not. Michael chose to follow God, his battle cry, could be heard throughout the heavens: “WHO IS LIKE GOD.” This is more than a battle cry it is also the meaning of his name Michael or “Who Is Like God?”  Lucifer thought he was but St. Michael and his band threw Lucifer and his followers from the sky, as Jesus tells us. God watched.

The name Michael is thus both name and battle cry. It is at once feared and revered. Feared by those demons the follows of Lucifer who roam the earth like hungry Lions looking for souls to devour, because they know the end of the story, Michael will at the end of time, heave them into the abyss, God has set aside for them, and revered by those of us who venerate him as Saint Michael God’s Knight.



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